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Kansas City is a place flooded by the rage of the elements. One day the weather is sunny, clear and beautiful, while the other it may appear the oceans have risen above your heads. The ever – changing climate of our dear Kansas City can seem like a lot to handle, but that’s exactly where we step in. Royal Contracting Solutions is a leader in the restoration industry in Kanas city area, our experts offer up to date solutions to your maladies.

If your home or business is in need for an emergency flood damage repair or restoration, a sudden fire or a storm has damaged your home, you can trust us at Royal Contracting Solutions to make your house feel like a castle again.

There are many situations in which you may resort to this specific kind of repair. Your house might have been caught on fire, your piping might have frozen, strong wind might have broken your windows or pulled out your shingles and so on. No matter what the problem is, we are here for you.

The damage your home has suffered due to the constant water flow can be substantial, and can seriously affect your family and your possessions. Water damage can be a lot to handle, especially in the winter when there are extreme risks of frozen piping, which is actually a relatively common problem here in our beloved Kansas City, besides excess water can lead to your house structure rotting and mold forming on the support beams.

Being a locally owned company, we take pride in our speed, knowing the finicky Kansas City weather.

In case your house has suffered significant fire damage, don’t worry, we cover the entire spectrum, even your roof. We can replace the burned parts of your roof while preserving the places that haven’t been caught in the fire. Or, we can replace your entire roof in case your entire house was caught in the fire. The end-product will be a good as new functional home you’ll be proud of.

Our residential and commercial services include:

  • Fire Damage restoration
  • Water Damage restoration
  • Storm Damage restoration
  • Cleaning services
  • Smoke damage
As a fully licensed, insured and bonded general contractor, by using modern day technology, and by utilizing everything the industry has to offer, we are by far the best solution when it comes to restoring your home. Our Before and After gallery can provide you with visual proof of our work, while our customer base provides you with many excellent reviews that constantly prove our work towards excellence.

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What Our Customers Say…

They did an amazing job helping my parents recover from a water loss. They were true advocates for their client with the insurance company and they did top notch work. They really went the extra mile to make the house better than it has ever been. Highly recommended!
David Barry

Great work and in a timely manner! I will be referring in the future. Thank you guys!
Cody Wood

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