Going solar is the new must-do for anyone looking to save money on their energy bills. But before going shopping for solar systems, you should have your home or business assessed for energy efficiency through an energy audit.

Solar power produces minimal pollution compared to other energy sources. And with advancements in technology, solar systems have become more efficient and less expensive. This blog post by Royal Roofing & Solar shares the essential information about an energy audit with practical solutions!

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What is an Energy Audit!

Energy audits help assess your home or business’s energy efficiency. It can help you find ways to reduce energy consumption and save money. An energy audit will also provide information on the best way to use solar energy to meet your energy needs.

It may feel like an extra step on your way to becoming a responsible citizen of the Earth, but trust us, it’s crucial!

Why Is It So Important?

An energy audit helps to ensure that the system installed on your property is appropriate for your energy needs. The correct sizing of the system means that your present and future energy needs will be met optimally. It also helps determine the best location for solar panels and assess your property’s shading.

Lower Energy Bills

Such an audit will help you trim your energy bill even before installing the solar energy system! It will help you understand how much energy your household consumes and what areas you can improve on to reduce wastage. This can ensure that your energy needs are met after installing the solar system.

Review of Your Electrical System

The energy audit will ensure that your electrical system and wiring are up to par. This is important because if your electrical system can’t handle the solar energy system, it might cause problems. The energy audit allows you to ensure that your electrical system is repaired or updated and is up-to-date on the required codes.

This is an added safety advantage for getting such an audit done.

Installing a solar energy system is a significant investment, but it can pay off in the long run if done right. It’s vital to do your research before making such a big purchase, and an energy audit gives you the opportunity to make the best decision for your home.

Hiring an experienced solar installation company is essential. Royal Roofing & Solar is here to meet all your solar needs in Kansas City. We provide complete solar solutions, from design and installation permissions to ongoing system maintenance. We would love to hear from you, or ask us for a free consultation anytime you have any questions!