Your roof tends to be hit harder during winter months, as ice and snow can cause unexpected damage so we must take precaution as the season approaches. Snow and ice can negatively affect your roof.

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Water Damage:

Water in the winter season can cause a lot of damage to our roof if it freezes in our gutters preventing water from draining away. Or, if heavy rainfall occurs, water can collect and enter under the roof tiles, causing major damage to the structure of your home.

Snow damage:

Snow can do more damage than we think. When snow falls, it accumulates on our roofs and the heat emitted by our home gradually melts it and it drains through the gutter, but when more snow falls than can drain on its own, it begins to accumulate on the roof and could begin to seep under the shingles. Be very careful with this, as it could cause major damage.

Some homeowners in past situations where a lot of snow has accumulated on their roof have opted to use a shovel and try to remove the snow from the roof themselves, but in most cases they have succeeded in doing more damage to the roof. Or, they may misuse salt or calcium chloride to try to melt the snow, which could cause severe damage to their roof tiles and void any warranty their roof has.

What do you do in such cases? Call a roof professional like Royal Roofing & Solar so that you can keep your roof healthy during the winter season. You will not be exposed to the cold winter weather and you will avoid damaging your roof or losing any type of warranty it may have.

Wind damage:

During the winter season, strong winds can threaten the integrity of our roof. In combination with hail and rain, these winds could tear off any tile that is not properly attached, causing significant damage, since water could leak into your house through that space.

It may seem like a challenge to keep your roof healthy during the winter, but just check it frequently. Make sure the gutters are not blocked, remove snow if you are sure you can do it without damaging your gutters/roof and call a professional if you need help removing excess debris or making any repairs. The weather can wreak havoc on roos if we have a hole or loose tile. So it’s very important to keep your roof in good shape during the winter season. If you need professional help just call us. All of our work is guaranteed and we provide a free inspection.