Roofing Resolutions: How to Keep Your Roof Healthy in 2023

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Blog, Kansas City, Roof Maintenance, Roof Repair

New Year’s Resolutions come in all kinds of forms and goals. Some are health-based, such as a goal to exercise more or drink more water. Some resolutions are relationship-based, focusing on more time with family and friends.

What about home improvement resolutions? We don’t normally consider adding home improvement projects to our New Year’s Resolutions list. But perhaps we should! Our homes, specifically the roof of our homes, keep us safe from the weather conditions, protect our family and possessions, and also keep us comfortable with peace of mind. (Learn more about the cost of repair if you have a damaged roof)

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What are some steps we can take to keep the roof of our homes healthy in 2023?

Clean Gutters

The gutters of our homes do more than complete the look of the roof. The purpose of a gutter is to safely remove excess water from the roof to downspouts and then out away from the home and foundation. If a gutter is not performing correctly, the water will pool or spill over in various places. This can be especially concerning in the winter months when ice dams could form. Secondly, if the gutters have rusted fasteners or holes, the water can not be successfully distributed away from the home. Use caution and safe ladder practices when removing any debris, leaves, or twigs from your gutters.

Trim Back Tree Limbs

Tree limbs can be devastating to a roof! A strong wind could break the nearby limb, causing substantial damage to the roofing material. Metal roofs could become scratched or dented. A hole could be made in an asphalt roof if the limb is big enough and the wind strong enough. Be careful, or call a professional, to remove any potentially damaging tree limbs. (Why Hiring an arborist important for your roof?)

Inspect for Damaged Areas

It is wise to regularly have your roof inspected for age or damaged areas. A soft spot in your roof is an indication of damage under the roofing material. Bent, broken, split or cracked asphalt shingles can be repaired before more damage occurs. Fasteners in metal roofing can be easily repaired when spotted.

Contact Royal Contracting in Kansas City for assistance with inspecting your roof! We are comprehensively trained and have extensive experience in the field of roofing. We have a 5-step process to success:

  • Consultation – We inspect your roof for any damage or areas of concern
  • Visualization – We walk you through our findings and discuss the best options for your home and budget
  • Payment – We offer flexible financing options to ensure that your roofing project is affordable
  • Installation or repair – We offer the best roofing solutions, excellent work, and maintain a clean, safe worksite
  • Commitment – We back our work with amazing warranties so you have peace of mind

Snow Removal

Remove any excess snow off of your roof accumulated during the winter months with the use of a snow rake or heated cables. This will help to reduce ice dams, which could create huge damage if not resolved. Ask for professional assistance in removing snow if you have any concerns.

Trusting a local roofing contractor is essential when caring for your roofing system. We offer top-of-the-line roofing services in Kansas City, designed to shield your home and lower your energy bills. When you work with us, you can feel confident with the roof over your head. Contact us today for more information!