Tis the season! Time to start planning your decorating (if you haven’t already). Part of that is knowing what kind of lights you will be hanging, where you will be hanging them, and how you’re going to hang them.

We have put together some light-hanging tips for you before you climb that letter and create your very own Winter Wonderland!


Take a look at your house. Decide which elements would benefit you most from lighting. Look at the different architectural features of your home. Also look at bushes, trees, and planters. Last, think about the pathways and any stand-alone figures.

Think Beyond Your Roof

The roof is definitely the first thing people think of when hanging lights, but it needs to be balanced with something below. Pathway marker lights, net lights laid over bushes or shrubs, or other light up decorative items placed in the yard or alongside paths or driveways, help balance the lighting up top.

Avoid Catastrophe

Some may admire Clark Griswold-but his technique is not anything to imitate! Take your time, and be sure to check the bulbs, light strings, and electrical outlets!

Have Enough Lights

Be sure that you measure the length of everything you plan to string lights on, including windows, door frames, railings, roofline, etc. Longer strands are always necessary for anything you plan on winding them around, and be sure to pay attention to the bulb count on the box. The brighter you want your house to be, the more bulbs per strand you will need!

Evaluate Your Equipment

Check that all of your lights and cords you plan on using are in good repair and are rated for outdoor use. Read the manufacturer recommendations to determine the number of lights you can safely string together, and never connect different types of lights on the same circuit or outlet.

Consider Plastic…At Least For This

Yes, as we continue to get greener as a society-we are trying to reduce the use of plastic in many things. But rather than using a hammer and nails, using plastic clips and light stakes will safely secure your lighting without doing any damage to your home or property. Plus-they can be removed after the holidays and reused next year!

Safety First

There’s almost always strength in numbers, so working with a partner is always helpful! If you do not have anyone to help, using an S hook to hang a bucket to your ladder can hold your supplies for you. Be sure not to decorate any trees that touch power lines. As mentioned before-Clark Griswold is admirable to some in his decorating…but do NOT be a Clark Griswold when it comes to technique!