You always have the option to get your roof replaced on your own. But we always recommend that you contact a professional team, as they have the equipment and training to get it done safely. You should think carefully about what you are doing in any case. The main rule of thumb here is to work with the replacement on your own if you have enough expertise and if the situation is minor, but a professional team is best if the process might be more extensive or tough to work with

Replacing on Your Own

    • Easy repairs should be fine to do on our own! If you begin to notice any slight leaks, you can always make small repairs to your roof. These include spots where water is dripping in a small space.
    • Replacing individual loose shingles is also fine to do on your own. This can be done if there is just a small patch of shingles that need to be replaced.
    • Think about how well you understand the roof replacement process. Roof replacements require a lot of material, and while you can always work with this on your own if you have the materials needed, it is typically best for when you are working in a smaller space.
    • A full inspection of your gutters might be required if you notice roof shingles are shedding their granules (known as granule loss). This would require extra effort and might require you to remove and replace your gutters if necessary.
    • Replacements work on your own if you have not added any layers to your roof and your roof is also less than fifteen years of age. If you have a homeowners association in your neighborhood, you will also need approval to add a new layer to your roof.

Hiring a Professional

    • Professional roof replacement employees work best on larger surfaces as well as on steep and complicated roofing surfaces. Professional roofers have all the equipment needed in order to do this safely.
    • A professional should be contacted if the leaks around a roof are too large, have been going on for too long, or if there are far too many of them scattered around the place.
    • Contact a professional if you have too many shingles around your roof that need to be replaced. This could be a sign of the shingles being too weak in a few spots and an entire replacement is needed.
    • A professional team will help you if you are struggling to find the shingles you need for your roof. It is best to get such a team to replace your entire roof if you are unable to find matching shingles that fit on your existing roof if you have a spot to fix up. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we provide durable Owens Corning shingles, and are able to provide our customers with a 25 year warranty on them.
    • You should also contact a professional team if there is more than one layer of shingles on your roof. At this point, you would surely need to get your roof completely replaced.

Which Works Best?

The best solution for taking care of your roof will vary based on the intensity of repairs. It is fine to get a replacement task handled on your own if it is rather minor, but it would be better to contact a professional if the task is extensive and might take weeks at a time just to get it finished up right.